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September 20 2017

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Violets can be smelled for only a few moments at a time because they get their scent from ionine which shuts the smell receptors off after simulating them. After a few breaths the scent pops up again but the brain registers it as a new stimulus. So everytime you smell a violet is a first time.


September 19 2017

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There is estimated to be enough gold that could be mined from the worlds oceans to give every person alive nine pounds worth. The value would be worth about $150 trillion, or $21,000 a person.


September 18 2017

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After surviving a year-long experiment on an isolated island for a British reality TV show, ten contestants learned that the show had been canceled 4 months into production.


September 17 2017

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An Air Canada flight was asked by Australian authorities to investigate an emergency beacon. The plane, with 270 people, flew at 4000 feet as crew and passengers used binoculars to locate a stranded sailor, who was later rescued by police. The flight landed safely in Sydney, 90 minutes delayed.


September 16 2017

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Tom Green won five Razzies for Freddy Got Fingered and accepted the awards in person. He had to be dragged off the stage because he wouldn’t stop playing the harmonica.


September 15 2017

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Costco purposefully designed their store without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy.


September 14 2017

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President Carter’s son and Willie Nelson got high together on the roof of the White House.


September 13 2017

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An officially recommended solution to a common problem with the Apple 3 was to “lift the computer two inches and drop it”


September 12 2017

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Pharmacists in France have been trained in mycology, so foragers take the mushrooms they have gathered to their pharmacist where, free of charge, the mushrooms are checked for toxicity.


September 11 2017

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In 2014 London Black Cabs protested against Uber by bringing gridlock across central London. Instead of damaging Uber, it brought a 850% increase in downloads of the app and hastened the black cabs decline.


September 10 2017

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People with Fregoli Delusion think everyone they meet is the same person in disguise.


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September 09 2017

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Smoking Near an Apple Device Will Void the Warranty


September 08 2017

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The reason the Colorado Rockies mascot is a triceratops is because a dinosaur rib bone was unearthed during the stadium’s excavation.


September 07 2017

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The term “On Broadway” refers to the size of the audience, not the geographic location. There are actually multiple “Off-Broadway” theaters on Broadway Street.


September 06 2017

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Princess Diana, on live TV, shook the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing gloves, challenging the belief that AIDS could be passed via contact. The act was seen as a huge moment for those suffering with the disease.


September 05 2017

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A Harvard professor experimented on 22 unwitting students, assaulting their belief systems to see what damage could be caused. One of them became the Unabomber.


September 04 2017

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In 1981, a 27 year old James Cameron was working as a director on Piranha II, when he was fired for failing to get a close-up of the lead actress. He then got food poisoning and during his illness had a nightmare about a robot sent from the future to kill him - the idea for The Terminator.


September 03 2017

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Nobody was sure if Michael Cera was actually acting or if he really was that awkward during the filming of Arrested Development.


September 02 2017

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NASA accidentally recorded over the original moon landing tapes and lost a critical piece of human history forever.


September 01 2017

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In an effort to reduce the high number of suicides on South Korea’s Mapo Bridge, it was unofficially renamed the Bridge of Life. It was decorated with positive affirmations and even sympathetic sculptures. Suicides increased sixfold the following year.


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