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February 07 2018

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Christopher Reeve considered suicide after his accident. His wife, Dana, assured him that no matter he decides, she will be by his side. He never considered suicide again.


February 06 2018

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Movies have their own style of grocery bags that are silent for better sound recording.


February 05 2018

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Present-day Washington State was originally called “Columbia”, but Congress forced the name change to “Washington” in honor of George Washington and to avoid confusion with the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia


February 04 2018

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Twice a year in Monument Valley, mitten-shaped rock formations line up with the sun as it sets, causing one to “high five” the other with its shadow.


February 03 2018

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In 2003, a woman had a heart attack during a flight. The attendant asked for any doctor on board, and 15 expert cardiologists appeared, saving her life.


February 02 2018

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Gordon Ramsay was covered in gasoline and held at gunpoint in Costa Rica while he was investigating illegal shark fin trading for a TV show


February 01 2018

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The Queen uses her purse (handbag) to send secret messages to her staff, such as swapping which shoulder it is on when she’s done talking with a particular person and wants an excuse to leave the conversation.


January 31 2018

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Sears once offered mail order houses. You’d select your house then Sears would ship it to you by RailRoad and you’d assemble it yourself based on the instructions


January 30 2018

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Eight deaths related to ingesting liquid laundry packets (Pods) in the U.S. between 2012 and early 2017 that have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only two of the cases were actually children, with six of them being adults with dementia.


January 29 2018

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Johnny Cash took only three voice lessons in his childhood before his teacher, enthralled with Cash’s unique singing style, advised him to stop taking lessons and to never deviate from his natural voice.


January 28 2018

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One person in four is a ‘supertaster’, who experience the sensation of tasting more intensely. Supertasters have a high density of taste cells on their tongue, but are likely to have a distaste for beer.


January 27 2018

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Clocks run from left to right because in the Northern hemisphere that’s how sundials cast shadows


January 26 2018

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In 2013 Disney tried to trademark the phrase, “Día de Los Muertos,” a Mexican holiday.


January 25 2018

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Jerry Seinfeld contacted South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to express interest in voicing a character. They offered the comedian the nonspeaking part of “Turkey No. 2” in their Thanksgiving episode, but Seinfeld declined.


January 24 2018

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In 1935, a con man was arrested for selling his victims a “currency copier”, purportedly capable of reproducing $100 bills. The day before his trial, he fashioned sheets into a rope and slipped out the window, pretending to be a window washer as he shimmied down the building.


January 23 2018

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Snake Eyes, one of the 16 original G.I. Joe action figures, was designed to save Hasbro money. As a ninja, the character was completely molded from black plastic, even given a mask to prevent detailing a face. The figure wasn’t even painted, but became one of the most popular G.I. Joe figures.


January 22 2018

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The patent for the fire hydrant was lost in a patent office fire.


January 21 2018

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A 10 year old boy in China spent 2 years collecting 160,000 plastic bottles, raising $2,700. He donated all this money, and his own savings of $30, to orphans of AIDS victims.


January 20 2018

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The concept of a Spider-Man costume becoming a villain was thought up by a comic fan, and his idea was purchased by Marvel for $220 and served as the basis for Venom.


January 19 2018

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Pope Francis and Pope John Paul the Second are honorary members of the Harlem Globetrotters


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